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MTV [2022]

When we were teenagers, we all loved MTV. We grew up watching music videos and our work has been strongly influenced by the visual language of MTV’s world.

Receiving an email from this legendary channel inviting us to create our own 15-second branding video for them was nothing short of a dream come true.

Then, this dream became literally linked to another. Because, bizarrely enough, the night before, we had a dream. The same one, and probably all at the same time. We saw a half-human, half-lobster creature skateboarding inside a rolling cage...

Then a huge hand appeared...

That of a friendly purple giant... Wanting only one thing: to free our pal from behind his bars so he could go join his friends in a massive martini-glass-shaped Jacuzzi.

Why invent when you can dream? All we had to do was put down this idea on paper, and with the full support of MTV, the video became a reality.

This assignment was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our true colours, and have uninhibited fun while doing it! (Like creating background vegetation we find truly beautiful, but which probably went unnoticed...)





Creative Direction

Vincent Bilodeau


David Baril


Pascal Brousseau

Arno People

Colegram 2023